Why Playing With Food Should Be Encouraged:

DinnerWare is an exploration of eating as a medium for computation and aesthetic expression. The project consists of a dining service electronically equipped to react to the properties of the food that it holds and respond to a user’s eating gestures.

“Men think, dream and act according to what they eat and drink”. With this Futurist assumption in mind, DinnerWare is an initial effort towards creating a synesthetic experience that can help us put some of our most ritualized eating habits into perspective.

The project is composed of 4 main dining utensils: plates, cutlery, wine glasses and a saltshaker. Each one of these instruments is embedded with electronics to examine an individual mode of interaction and to concomitantly incorporate food as an integral part of an electronic circuit.

By examining eating and dining etiquette, DinnerWare hopes to address several questions. The tools we use to eat have been the same for ages. How easy is it to undermine culturally reinforced gestures when the ritual of eating is challenged or re-contextualized? Moreover, is it possible to work with the more neglected senses, like taste and smell, with the same primacy that currently grounds video or music? What are the implications of eating the medium through which we interact and communicate?

DinnerWare is about food and how we eat it. Its goal is to increase the potential of our dining experiences through simple electronic technology, by turning food into a medium for our sensory explorations.

Vía glucas.


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