The Meat Licence Proposal

The Meat Licence Proposal is an organisation working towards the collaborative development of a new kind of law. From the first of January 2012, The Meat Licence Proposal will begin a new strategy of developing ‘Licenced Products’ for sale within the market. The initial premise for the ‘meat licencing law’ is:

Instead of a law which prohibits, we are interested in a law which compels engagement. Citizens will gain a ‘meat licence’ through their specific and supervised engagement in the act of killing an animal.

Understanding ‘law’ as a creative medium, and, implementing open-source development models, The Meat Licence Proposal is an attempt to build a bridge between citizen and lawmaker.

The ‘meat licencing law’ will be developed and tested in the public domain, through a combination of traditional, digital and creative strategies. To find out more, please visit our forum and blogs.

If you have any queries or if you would like to get involved please feel free to get in contact.

Un proyecto de John O’Shea.
También Sascha Landschoff


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